Computational RNA Design & Delivery Summit: What’s On?

The recent boom of AI/ML and computational science is revolutionizing the RNA field, with the latest partnerships including Moderna & IBM and BioNTech SE’s acquisition of InstaDeep. Companies are being empowered to harness and leverage the full potential of these technologies to expedite the process from days to minutes for rapid, optimized, and cost-effective design and delivery of RNA-based therapeutics. The AI revolution has officially kickstarted this next generation of discovery to bring these therapeutics to patients in need faster.

Join this exclusive forum in 2025 to improve your rational design of RNA therapeutics, enhance prediction models for better safety and efficacy, and accelerate your targeted delivery screening.

Seize this opportunity to build meaningful connections and expand your learning in this rapidly evolving field. Be the first to hear innovative insights from the industry frontrunners, at the world’s only summit uniting your community to ultimately aid you in developing effective RNA therapeutics with advanced AI and data science tools for patients in need.

2024 Agenda Highlights:


Rational RNA sequence design algorithms for AI/Machine Learning tools to enhance therapeutic and translation efficiency with iterative feedback for optimal mRNA therapeutic design with Sanofi, Moderna, and Kernal Biologics.


AI/Machine Learning and computational tools to drive siRNA and tRNA therapeutic design to reduce off-target effects and secure durable therapeutics with expertise from hC Bioscience, Silence Therapeutics, and Horizon Biosciences.


The scope of your RNA therapeutics to delivery beyond the liver with AI and computational tools to achieve your targeted therapeutic benefit with insights from Novartis, Voyager Therapeutics, and Divincell.