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Leverage AI, Machine Learning & Computational Modeling to Enhance & Automate Data Generation, Sequence Optimization & Delivery Chemistry for Scalable & Cost Effective RNA Therapeutic Discovery

June 4 - 6 2024 | Boston, MA

Welcome to the Computational RNA Design & Delivery Summit

The 2nd Computational RNA Design & Delivery Summit will be the world’s only technical and industry-dedicated forum shining light onto the digital age using artificial intelligence, deep neural networks, language models, and predictive algorithms to unlock the black box of discovery and translate coding and non-coding RNA-based medicines for new viral strains, personalized oncology and beyond towards clinical applications.

The explosion of artificial intelligence and computational science is disrupting the RNA field, empowering companies to harness the power of this technology. From digital models to predict targets and lipid particle selection, to accelerating the process from days to minutes, the AI revolution has officially kickstarted the next generation of RNA therapeutics and vaccine discovery.

In 2024 we heard from world-class speakers pioneering the computational RNA discovery field, including Moderna, Sanofi, CureVac, Nutcracker Therapeutics, and many more, along with 60+ data science, computational RNA biology and chemistry, bioinformatic and delivery experts to ultimately aid the discovery and design of your mRNA, circular RNA, RNAi and tRNA modalities with expedited research timelines, better predictability, and efficacy at scale to bring RNA-based therapeutics to patients in need.


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Nutcracker Therapeutics

“This is an incredibly important field that is moving more quickly than publication cycles reveal. I’m excited to hear about the progress and challenges folks are encountering with computational RNA design in real time”

Evan McCartney-Melstad, Director of Bioinformatics, Nutcracker Therapeutics